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Advertising Strategies

Advertising strategies are campaigns designed by companies in order to encourage people to purchase a particular good or service. Advertising, at its most basic level, is a form of communication, one that is persuasive in nature. Advertising StrategiesCompanies have a vested interest in promoting their goods and services through coordinated efforts. Advertising strategies can be promoted through traditional media, including newspapers, magazines, and television, and through new, electronic media, such as the Internet.

There are many different advertising strategies. Special promotions strategies can use coupons of special invites to sale events in order to generate business. Internet strategies may rely on social media in order to drive business to a web-based company.

Any advertising strategy has two component. The first part is assessment, where a company seeks to determine the conditions of the market, both for the present and the future. The second part is action, the opportunities and problems revealed by market research, and how to best reach customers through strategies, either traditional, low cost, special, or Internet-based, or even some combination. Most advertising strategies have three goals for businesses: to promote awareness of the business, especially its goods and services, to stimulate sales and attract competitor’s customers, and to establish a company’s image.

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