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Business Ethics Case

A great Research Activity and/or Presentation to impress a business professor is to do a 12 to 15 minute briefing on a current business ethics case.

The expert writers of omesp recommend something like research and presentation topic based on the case “Starbuck’s Mission: Responsibility and Growth” from the book Business Ethics Ethical Decision Making and Cases by Ferrell, Fraedrich, Ferrell. Starbucks Growth and Responsibility to its Employees should be the focus of the business ethics case study.

Following a presentation, prepared to lead a question/answer (Q/A) session, which will be included in the presentation evaluation and scoring process. The Q/A activity should be limited to not more than 12 minutes, unless otherwise approved by the class participants and the professor.

Business Ethics Case

Below is just a sample of how a business ethics case outline should look:

I. Staffing Overview

A. Staffing is a process that produces a workforce of sufficient quantity and quality to create positive impacts on the organization's effectiveness.

B. 3-R’s of the staffing function

1. acquire (recruit, select, employ, train)
2. deploy (place)
3. retain (within reason)

C. The staffing process is composed of a series of interrelated parts

1. recruitment
2. selection
3. employment (decision-making and final match).

D. Staffing the organization requires attention to both human resource (HR) quantity and quality

1. people brought into the organization
2. people moved within the organization

a. promotions

i. skills, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes (SKA2)
ii. training and development
iii. logic of prediction

b. transfers

3. people retained by the organization.

E. Staffing has a significant impact on the attainment of organizational goals

1. sound staffing impacts and improves, both organizational and employee performance
2. labor shortages, in quantity or quality, can mean lost business opportunities

a. scaled-back expansion plans
b. inability to provide critical consumer goods and services
c. market loss and threats to organizational survival

II. Acquisition & Turnover Considerations

A. Employee shortages often result in disruptive adjustments for current employees

1. overtime
2. job reassignments

B. Acquisition activities involve external staffing systems that govern the initial intake of applicants into the organization

C. Internal staffing systems work in fundamentally the same ways than external staffing systems

D. Employee turnover

1. turnover occurs when employees leave the organization
2. turnover represents a significant cost to most organizations
3. organizations should not attempt to eliminate all employee outflows; turnover, within reasonable limits, can be a very beneficial

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