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Green Company

Green Company term papers take a vast amount of time to outline and write. Here is a suggestion on how omesp lays out an assignment like that.
Please include the following:

Ethical Leadership in the Organization:

Introduction of Paper on Green Company

Green Company
  1. A first line or several first lines that engage your readers attention
  2. An announcement of the Green Company in general.
  3. A preview of what you are going to address in the paper.
  4. In the body discuss the components of the assignment. Be certain that you cover the parts of the essay in the order introduced in the preview.
  5. In the conclusion paragraph, include a summary of what you addressed in the paper. This should not be a word for word repeat of the preview in the introduction, but rather should be a paraphrase of some sort.

Short case review for Green Company Term Paper:

You’re a management consultant who has been asked by Green Company to help design an ethics communication and training program for all Green Company employees. Your meeting to date have been with the head of human resources, and your contract with the company has been negotiated with him. Once the papers have been signed, you begin your research and are quickly stymied by Green's corporate counsel. He says that you will not be allowed to ask employees about ethical dilemmas that have occurred at Green. He specifically asks that you get your information from other sources such as press accounts of industry, or from other organizations with which you've worked. In addition,the head of human resources has told you that you'll be unable to meed the three most senior executives because they're busy negotiating a large acquisition. You will have access to other high-level managers who can tell you what they think the seniors want. You're instructed to write a code of conduct for the company and a mission statement, and prepare presentations for the senior managers to give to employees sometime next month on corporate expectations and values.

  1. Identify the problem(s)
  2. Analyze and evaluate alternatives
  3. Make recommendations

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