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International Gothic

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The artistic style of International Gothic Painting was a direct result of the fusion of Italian and Northern European art. Before the end of the International Gothic era artists of the style could be found in Austria, Bohemia, England, Germany, Italy, and France. The style was the first to be founded on a revived interest in the historical ideal at the end of the middle ages. Above all, the International Gothic style rebelled against the literal realism of the styles that preceded it. The International Gothic style was the beginning of the revival of the High Middle Ages. International Gothic

International Gothic Style

The International Gothic style featured decorative and linear styles. Internatal Gothic artists utilized animals and vegtables to depict the realities of nature and the differences between aristocratic and pheasant life. These artists strove to capture the characteristic features of their sitters painted in full frontal view. In the Book of Hours, the Limbourg brothers used these elements to reveal social distinctions. The page illutrating February in the page shows a stooped, principal figure casting a shadow and the sun shining on a smooth surface. In the highly detailed International Gothic artistic style the figures appear more compeling and lifelike.

The works of both the International Gothic and the Early Renaissance styles employed new techniques as well as a new attention to beauty and form. Although both styles were highly popular, they differed in their depiction of background objects and subject matters. And while the International Gothic style featured aristocratic and pheasant life true to form, the Early Renaissance style preferred the ideal of illusion and a mythological slant.

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