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James Brown Research Papers

Research papers on James Brown discuss the man and his music. Our writers can focus on James Brown's life or on any of his songs or music style. Get help today for a custom written project on James Brown from omesp.

James Brown has been know as the following names:

  • Mr. Dynamite
  • The “Please Pease Please” Man
  • The Hardest Working Man in Show Business
  • Soul Brother Number One
  • The Sex Machine
  • His Bad Self
  • The Godfather of Soul
  • The Minister of the New New Super Heavy Funk

These are just a few names that James Brown has picked up throughout his sixty-four years. Over James Brown’s lifetime he has experienced many obstacles on his way to fame. He grew up in a whorehouse, plugged away at a musical career that he always wanted, and made rock-n-roll what it is today. Despite a rough childhood, problems with law and involvement with civil rights, James Brown is one of the most dynamic performers in American music history.

James Brown

James Brown - Early Years

In order to get an understanding for James Brown it is important to start with his childhood. On May 3, 1933 in Barnwell, South Carolina, James Joe Brown, Jr. Ben Bart was born. Brown started fighting his up hill battle from the day he was born. It is only due to the effort and faith that this Aunt Minnie had that Brown is alive today. Brown was a stillborn, who was delivered by his aunts. Thanks to Aunt Minnie’s continuous efforts to revive James he is here today. James grew up in a very poor family. Until he was four Brown lived with his mother and father. His father did odd jobs, one of which was to sell tree tar to turpentine companies. James spent his younger years living in the woods with no form of electricity or plumbing. After Brown’s parents split up, James’s father, Joe found it hard to make ends meet so he moved in with his sister Honey. Joe soon left James in Honey’s care and did not come back.

Music and James Brown

Perhaps growing up under the supervision of his aunt was the best thing for James, for it was at this time that James became interested in music. He would shine shoes, dance on street corners for change and do odd things for servicemen from a local army base. While on the street and at Honey’s, James met people that were willing to show him how to play instruments, like the harmonica and piano. By the time James was eleven years old he had taught himself how to play from ear and even won an amateur night competition at the Lenox Theater. This was the end of the innocence for James.

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