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Macrophages and HIV

Topic: Macrophages that have been infected by HIV-1 and how it affects the helper T-cell I need 6 to 7 pages research paper excluding citations.
I have closed directions and a Great resource web site

Great resource web site for Macrophages and HIV Research Paper:

  1. American society for cell biology—

To successfully complete Cell Biology, you must prepare an original essay in which you describe and review a topic in cell biology.

  1. Your paper should describe and review the topic you have selected.
  2. You must describe your topic based on research evidence from the scientific literature. A simple summary based on textbook sources is unacceptable and will not be evaluated for point value.
  3. Your paper will be graded on the depth of your analysis, the strength of your reasoning, and the quality of your information.
  4. Your selected topic is not as important as the technical depth and clarity of your writing and your adherence to standard citation practices.
Macrophages and HIV

Further Instructions for Macrophages and HIV Research Paper:

  1. Your report should provide a review of a field and should describe your topic in a manner that could be read and understood by anyone in your Cell Biology class, not just by a scientist.
  2. You should begin with an overview of your topic, followed by a more detailed description and evaluation of additional information derived from accessory sources.
  3. Essentially, you need to describe your subject and describe the history of its emergence based on the evidentiary record of the literature.
  4. The final document will also contain an abstract in the appropriate form.
  5. It is acceptable to draw some background material from textbooks, but the majority of the information detailed in your paper should come from journal articles sources from the past three (3) years.
  6. Being a research paper, your report must accurately document the sources from which your material was gathered.
  7. Any time you describe an individual's experimental results, or paraphrase an author, you must credit your source.
  8. The proper citation of your sources is of paramount importance in preparing research papers, and any paper submitted without proper documentation will be returned for revision.

Guidelines for Citations of Scientific Publications in Cell Biology Papers:The proper acknowledgement of sources includes:

  1. a citation within the text of the paper
  2. a reference list of the sources for the information you cited. There are two acceptable methods for doing so.

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