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Nike Business Strategy and Policy

A common assignment on a Business Strategy and Policy is as follows:

This is a sample description of what a Nike business case study would include. A brief general outline of who Nike’s customers are would be included.

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Class is Business Strategy and Policy. The research paper Business Strategy and Policy topic is Nike, the sports apparel giant.Nike Business Strategy and Policy

Submit a detailed analysis of the External Environment — examining Opportunities and Threats pertaining to the company and its’ business. Produce a brief general outline of who Nike’s customers are and what business they are in and briefly discuss EACH of the following factors in the research paper as it pertains to YOUR chosen company:

  1. Economic
  2. Sociocultural
  3. Global
  4. Technology
  5. Political/Legal
  6. Demographic

Also briefly discuss the Industry Environment (the threat of new entrants, power of suppliers, power of buyers, product substitutes, and intensity of competitor rivalry)  AND the industry competitor environment You MUST use these sources:, Fortune, and Fast Company because you want opinions not just facts. Also use for information. Give a detailed analysis of the external environment of Nike examining its’ strengths and weaknesses.

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