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Vikings Ships

The assignment is on viking ships. Because this is an art history paper my expectation is that it covers the design and decorations of these ships and how those designs and decorations are a reflection of viking cultural interests. Other aspects for example, navigation technology,is important it should not be the focus of the paper. A thorough description of the boats, what werer the important physical features of theses said viking boats could be used for Vikings Ships in the paper.

Vikings Ships

The teacher in the class has a few Requirements and guidelines that the paper must fallow. The requirements are in her words, is that the research paper must be 5-6 pages in length. it must also include mla citations and a bibliography. You should also include images of the work you are discussing, they must be placed at the end of the paper you must also have include a number to refer the reader to the xeroxed image, ex the mona lisa is a great work of art (figure 1. The paper must include at least 5 sources 1 per page. The paper should include an introduction that presents the ideas and the art you will be discussing in your paper. the body of the paper should include comparisons, discussions and description of artwork and cultural and historical information that supports your introduction. you must also provide written as well as visual descriptions of the work that you describe. you can also compare and contrast work in order to illustrate your points. it is important.
If you focus on a single work or single artist, be certain to compare that work or artist with another.
a list of “dos and dont's” they are:

  1. Do underline or italicize the name of the piece if it has a name
  2. Avoid switching tenses.
  3. Do indent 5 spaces at the beginning of a paragraph.
  4. Do Italicize foreign words.
  5. Do italicize foreign words.
  6. Do introduce the source when you are quoting directly, According to James
  7. Place inside of a quotation
  8. Do not use contractions
  9. Do not use your conclusion to tell the reader that you really liked the work and the assignment.
  10. Do not use more than two online sources for your 5 sources
  11. Do not use a direct quote unless you cannot paraphrase it or say it any better.

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